Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas List Item #1: Canon PowerShot G7

Ok, so I've had my eye on this camera ever since it came out a few months ago. Although it's a bit bigger than the gadgets I usually buy, I think I'm willing to sacrifice the size for functionality. I've always wanted to move beyond the standard point-and-shoot camera, but I'm still not up for the task of lugging around a huge DSLR everywhere I go. The Canon G7 is a nice in-between camera because the size is manageable and it has basic manual capabilities that allow the user some control.

Here are some features from
  • 10.0 Megapixels
  • 6x optical zoom lens with optical Image Stabilizer and SR coating
  • DIGIC III and iSAPS with Advanced Noise Reduction and Face Detection AF/AE
  • 2.5” high-resolution LCD with wide viewing angle and anti-glare coating
  • ISO 1600 for flash-free, low light shooting
  • Ergonomic design with dedicated ISO and Multi Control dials for fast, easy operation
  • 25 shooting modes including full manual control and 2 custom settings
  • Extra telephoto reach with Digital Tele-Converter and Safety Zoom

The list price for the Canon G7 is $599.99....even though it sells on and other sites for less, it's still a lot of $$$ to fork over for a camera. Hopefully Santa will be good to me this year...if not, I'll have to find a new job and buy it for myself.

Things I could get fired for...

  1. Listening to my ipod with both noise canceling earbuds in
  2. 2o min breakfast breaks
  3. 45 min lunch breaks
  4. Coming in at 9 and leaving before 5
  5. Doing the AM and Metro sudoku at my desk
  6. Ignoring emails from my pseudo manager
  7. Blocking my managers on sametime
  8. Working on my resume
  9. Searching for a new job online
  10. Creating this blog
  11. Daydreaming about throwing a banana cream pie at pseudo manager's face (though I've been told that it would be a waste of a good pie)
  12. This website ...if only they could see themselves through my eyes...

Friday, December 8, 2006

Things that I am grateful for today...

  1. The barking twins are out of the office again
  2. Sudoku in the Metro and AM
  3. Sleeping in till 8am
  4. The possibility of leaving at 4pm or earlier
  5. 8 more days in the office until my vacation

Yes, Christmas has certainly come early this year.